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Mark Mellon

Mark Mellon

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My name is Mark Mellon. I’m a novelist who supports his family by working as an attorney for the FDIC. My life has been checkered with past experience as a soldier, translator, door-to-door salesman, skip tracer, construction worker, and teacher. In addition to four published novels, I’ve also had over forty short fiction pieces published including recent work in: Hungur, Polluto, and Criminal Class Review.

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Western Short Stories by Mark Mellon


Mark Mellon

The travelers drew near the lake before sundown. Suggs and Mendoya rode ahead to scout a camp. The leaders of the Anglo and Tejano factions, they resembled a frontier Don Quixote and Sancho: Suggs, lean and wiry in a frock coat and plug hat, long rifle slung over one shoulder, and the dour, rotund Mendoya in his black sombrero, saddle adorned with silver conchos.

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