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Rope and Wire
Western Short Stories
Volume One

Rope and Wire Western Short Stories Volume OneRope and Wire Western Short Stories Volume One

Six brand new tales of danger, suspense, intrigue and deception brought to you by Rope and Wire author, Christopher Scott.

“The Vixen” Greed has a way of making men do things they wouldn’t ordinarily do. 

“Dry Well Reunion” Frank Canby’s wife was long dead. And now his only son had been taken by a gang of ruthless outlaws. With a fresh lead, Frank sets out in a desperate attempt to reclaim the young man.

“Justice” As Sheriff Burley brought Silas Penny his last meal, little did he know that justice was about to be served. 

“Chester’s Last Chance” The Elko Kid is a wanted outlaw with a seven hundred dollar reward on his head. Chester Gramm is an average man who wants to be more than ordinary. 

“The Disappearance of Grady O’Doul” In his haste for a night of poker and drinks with his friends, Grady O’Doul throws caution and the claims of ordinary men to the wind and sets out on a dark and forbidding trail. 

“Albino” Sheep in cattle country just won’t do, especially when the sheep herder just produced the missing deed to the land Kendall Draper, a ruthless cattle baron has been after for some time now.

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars

A Great Read By Stephen G. Lonefeather : I've been a reader of the website "Rope and Wire" for a year now. When I found this collection of western short stories written by one of its members I decided to check it out. At $1.49 Kindle I couldn't lose. Well, I certainly got more than my money's worth and plenty of laughs, smirks, smiles, and grimaces along the way as I read these stories. Christopher does a great job of painting vivid pictures of his characters and settings in an easy-going traditional western way; with some surprisingly not so typical endings.

4.0 out of 5 stars

Timeless By Pistol : From a westerner's perspective this was a great read. It captured the flavor of the west from an early 20th century author's perspective.

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