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Darren Travers

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Western short stories Bio. of Darren Travers

Darren is absolutely delighted to have the honour of being part of the ‘Rope and Wire’ website. He has a genuine love for the Wild West and is currently trying to get his action adventure novel, “The Five Stars Of Cordrye” published. This Wild West adventure stars the heroic figure of Thomas Murphy who also stars in Darren’s short stories which are published here.

Darren is also a very experienced stage and screen actor. He was extremely honoured to win the 'Best Performance Award' at the "Starburst International Film Festival 2016" for playing the twin roles of 'Daz & Damo Gallagher' in Jason Figgis intense thriller "Don't You Recognise Me?" for which he was also Associate Producer and Co-Editor on. He recently portrayed the poacher 'Pence' in Randal Plunkett's mythical drama "The Green Sea" which is currently in post production. Before this he played the hypnotic creature 'The Plastic Man' in the rivetting Jason Figgis horror "Torment" which has been nominated for many awards including 'Best Film' at the "Starburst International Film Festival 2018." 

He also recently played the real life historical figures, 'Joseph Plunkett' and 'Major Ivor Price' in the 1916 Easter Rising Film in the "GPO Witness History Exhibition" in Dublin which was directed by Luke Leslie, and 'Patrick Pearse' in the stage production "1916: Brought Back To Life" which was directed by Dave Swift. Darren was also lead actor, writer and producer on the double award nominated short film "The Detective."

Darren would be very grateful if you took the time to read his short stories below and he hopes that you enjoy them greatly.

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Western Short Stories by Darren Travers

Pit of Terror
Darren Travers

Hanging upside down with your legs and hands tied was a bad enough experience. But to awaken from your forced unconsciousness to such a delight was double the torture. Blood rushing fiercely to your brain. Your eyes and nose heavy with the thundering pressure. Your mouth dry and sore, aching for some water to relieve the stress. Every limb in your body feeling stretched and strained. The inner workings of your stomach feeling queasy... Read More of the Pit of Terror

Tunnel of the Dead
Darren Travers

Standing on the top of the hill, Buck Henry had a great view of the land below. He could see for miles over the sprawling cavernous landscape. The sun-scorched ground was lit up by the beaming sun above. Small mountains, caverns and boulders filled the area. The figure in the distance was still on his trail. Knowing that life has few real coincidences, he felt that he was being followed. Could it be someone from Big City was coming for the diamond?...Read More of Tunnel of the Dead

Bony Creek Cabin
Darren Travers

​The shivering snowflakes pelted unforgivingly against the frail man’s elderly face. Each white splash of cold seeped and sunk into his skin. Moments later another icicle had formed along his bony bridge of nose. Hanging side by side now with the seven other pearly glaziers that stretched his minute head...Read More of Bony Creek Cabin

Stagecoach to Rakers Hill
Darren Travers

Thomas Murphy was glad to be leaving town. He’d just spent the most tedious week of his life holed up in the desolate village known as Barksville. It was a tiny settlement which had no saloon or night-time entertainment. Not even a bottle of whiskey could be purchased anywhere. He hadn’t seen a beautiful lady since he arrived and not a single man had an ounce of charm. It was the sort of place you should never stay in unless you’re paid to or you have to...Read More of Stagecoach to Rakers Hill

The Seven Shooter Gun
Darren Travers

The small moustached man sipped on his fine glass of sherry like an anxious dog gnawing on a bone. His beady eyes were transfixed on the second hand of the Grandfather clock that stood proudly at the room’s end. Just as the chime struck 9pm, he turned worryingly to his companion and said, “Are you sure he’s gonna’ come?”

“Off course he will. Now relax,” replied the calmer presence...Read More of The Seven Shooter Gun