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Western Short Stories
Clint Clay

Clint Clay

Western short stories bio. of Clint Clay

Clint Clay is a true gentleman of the west who believes in the cowboy code and riding true to the brand. It seems he was born on a horse, for he has had them all his life never remembering a time he was without them. The author enjoys team roping and trail riding across the American landscape. He visits locations across America to ride the beautiful trails that still exist in many parks and private ranches that occupy the United States.

He loves to team rope with his pards and owns some of the best horses in the country. He and his beautiful bride have a small ranch that is nestled down in the southeastern part of Kansas near the mighty Neosho River. They are native of this area and have raised a wonderful family.

His writing career started with his composing poetry, for his wife Debbie. She adored his poems and encouraged him in his writing. Starting first as a poet he progressed to writing western short stories and novels. He has several best sellers. His nom de plume is Clint Clay with the first under that name being Bounty Hunter for Hire.

He has numerous books published in the western genre both poetry and fictional stories. He loves both and has always been an abet reader of westerns. His favorite writer Louis L’Amour has been influential to him. There are many other writers out there that he loves and he doesn’t always read westerns.

Clint feels it’s the experience of really feeling the wind on one’s face, hearing the squeak of saddle leather, and really being in the elements that helps his creative writing. “You can’t make up how the fresh air and riding into the wind feels, the smell of the campfire, cattle or a horse.

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The Prairie

Bob Rossi U.S. Marshal story

Clint Clay

Chapter One

Lonesome on the Prairie

My old horse had just stepped into a gopher hole the poor girl now had a broken leg. I had had her, for a while now several years. She had been about 6 when I had gotten her. Sandy was a sorrel Tennessee Foxtrotted. I knew what I had to do. I didn’t want too. I took a piece of peppermint candy from my pocket and unwrapped it and gave it to her. She had always loved the candy. I pulled my Smith and Wesson revolver, and placed the barrel between her eyes, and eased the trigger back ending her pain forever.  Read the full story HERE>>

Sheriff John Cole and the Bank Robbery

Clint Clay

John Cole poured what was left of his coffee over the glowing embers of his fire. It was morning, and he had just finished up a plate of bacon and sour dough biscuits. He quickly broke camp, saddled his buckskin horse that he had already fed and watered. John was in pursuit of one last outlaw. The gang had robbed the bank there in the Queen City yesterday morning and took off. They were surprised that a posse was formed, so quickly, and in hot pursuit. This was because John had gone over this scenario with his men, and the citizens of the town before. With the growing need to have greater protection of its citizens the town had been vigilant in getting prepared. The threat was coming from Indian Territory which was a haven for the criminal element. This was the Fort Smith Indian Territory. Which after the Civil War grew into one of the deadliest places in America. Read the full story HERE>>


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