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Western Short Stories
Chad Vincent

Chad Vincent

Chad Vincent is currently a Special Education Teacher in rural Missouri with a Master's Degree in Education. He grew up on the family farm where they raised rotating crops, cattle, and always had horses.

Chad served in the military, lived in Colorado, and has had the luck to see a good part of the world abroad.

In the last couple of years he has been published in the following- Antimatter Magazine, Enter the Apocalypse anthology, Here Comes Everyone- Silhouette Press, Trembling with Fear, Whispers of the Apoc: A Tannhausen press anthology, and Unsheathed- Hydra Publication fantasy anthology.

Trailing into the Snow

By Chad Vincent

The snow just kept falling. Trist Winston led his dappled roan by the reins, hardly by sight. By now her rump was no longer dappled, just a white pattern of slower and slower melting snow. The mare was having a hard time stepping over the knee deep trail, and Trist even more. He knew they were not going to tip the pass before being bogged down to their death.  Read the full story HERE>>

Good to the Last Drop

Chad Vincent

William was a pretty average man, average build, medium tempered, and hardly outspoken in mixed company. Yet he had a few qualities that shone down. A man well-traveled throughout the southwest, he worked hard, though not a Sunday man, had a spiritual stripe, and most of all, was a man to take action. Not that he led the charge when the time came as a lowly private at Gettysburg, though charge he did. Yet he would take care of what was needed when the times arose. For all his character, he could blend into the shadows. No stories would be written about him back east, no dime novels, but many a man knew he was a good pard to have on the trail.

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