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Western Short Stories
Bill Henderson

On his way out West to find land of his own, Ben Tower finds and rescues beautiful Mattie Sullivan, the lone survivor of a doomed wagon train. Ben and Mattie soon fall in love and plan to travel West to start a new life together. But the trail westwards is never easy, and wild animals, greedy ranchers, flash floods are just a handful of the hazards they encounter, not to mention Ben's past catching up with him. Will they ever fulfill their dream of establishing their own little empire in the West?

Western short stories Bio. of Bill Henderson

Weaned on Zane Grey and Louis L'Amour, Bill Henderson has spent most of his adult life in his beloved Arizona deserts and mountains.

A retired construction superintendent, he now has time to pursue his love of writing, prospecting, and prowling ghost towns.
With one collection of western short stories under his belt, he is now writing his first full length western novel due out this winter.

Bill writes under the name of Will Starr. Find out more about Bill with the links below..

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Western Short Stories by Bill Henderson

The Bonnet
Bill Henderson

He closed the doors to the barn and carefully inserted the bar through the loops, wiring it into place to keep the wind from jarring it loose. Reaching up, he found the rope and peered through the snow looking for the lights of the house. Nothing. Well, that’s the reason for the rope he told himself, and began to trudge through the drifts toward the unseen house...Read More of The Bonnet

Turkey Creek
Bill Henderson

Jake could still faintly hear the wagon retreating and again he cautioned his younger brother not to move until he was sure it was gone. Yesterday morning, they had been fishing the Verde River on the northern boundary of the ranch, when the man in the wagon pulled up...Read More of Turkey Creek

Maggie May McAllister
Bill Henderson

There was a low, morning mist hanging in the Iowa woods, and not a breeze to be had. I’d heard a big old, bushy-tailed red squirrel jabbering at something, and I had him spotted. This one would make four and that’s a fair breakfast for three folks. Pa was still in Waterloo, so it was just me, Ma, and Maggie May... Read More of Maggie May McAllister

The Yuma Stage
Bill Henderson

From the cloud of dust and the clatter of steel rims on stones, I knew the afternoon stage from Yuma was just over the next rise, maybe half a mile off and headed my way, so I rode off the road, just as four men appeared from out of a dry wash. They pulled bandannas over their faces and took up positions on either side of the road. They hadn’t seen me, so I dismounted and let the reins trail on the ground...Read More of The Yuma Stage

The Yarnell Bank
Bill Henderson

It was one of the smoothest jobs he had ever done. The lock on the bank’s front door yielded easily to his expertise, so he stepped into the darkness, found a place to hide, and waited for the dawn, carefully re-locking the door behind him. He didn’t want to alert the banker that anything was amiss...Read More of The Yarnell Bank

Oak Creek Canyon
Bill Henderson

It was a pleasant camp, situated on the banks of Oak Creek, a few miles south of Flagstaff, where he had delivered a prisoner, just yesterday. He spent the night under an overhang, enjoying the sound of a soft rain and the burbling of the creek water. He found some dry wood under another overhang, built a small fire, heated a pot of coffee, and fried some bacon. He was a contended man when he rolled into his blankets and drifted off...Read More of Oak Creek Canyon

Hired On
Bill Henderson

I hadn’t eaten in at least two days so when I spotted that trail herd bunched up in a long, low valley, I decided to head down that way hoping for a job or at least a meal. It was fairly small as trail herds go and I could already count three riders and someone driving the chuck wagon so the job prospects were bleak. Far off to the west, I could see the gathering gray clouds of a summer thunderstorm and the promise of rain for the parched prairie. I nudged my horse and we started down the long slope...Read more of Hired On

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