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Western Short Stories
Dennis Goodwin

Dennis Goodwin

A free-lance historical nonfiction writer based out of Snellville, Georgia (near Atlanta). For over twenty-five years, Dennis Goodwin has had an interest in writing about the American West, early entertainment, the Civil War period...and basically anything that catches his attention.

He's written a number of booklets as well as over 200 non-fiction stories and articles for magazines like Wild West, True West and Old West. Through the years, Goodwin has learned that the secret to bringing people from the past alive in the present, is to realize that they were very much in the present when they were living.

I try to write about past people and events with the same intensity and immediacy as if they were right outside my window.”

You can find his work on Amazon, HERE>>

Stories by Dennis Goodwin


The sad but true story of the handcarts and heartaches of the West's greatest emigrant disaster

Dennis Goodwin

"Brethren and sisters, what I have said, I know to be true… " The lone voice of Levi Savage had just warned the hundreds of other Latter Day Saints about the hazards of continuing their journey during the summer and into the late fall. He had graphically described the dangers and suffering that would likely befall them. But as he surveyed his companions in the 1856 meeting, he knew his warning had been eclipsed by their burning religious fervor. Read the full story HERE>>


A Perilous 1845 Overland-trail Journey Tests the Will of 16-year-old Sarah Walden

by Dennis Goodwin

"Hitch up and roll out!" a stern voice commanded. Then a contradictory order rang out. "Form a corral with all haste!" The endangered emigrants, like their divergent leaders, scattered in disarray. "The entire company seemed almost wild with excitement," wrote a sixteen-year-old group member. That evening she made a notation in her diary of seeing "children crying, mothers screaming or praying, men running wildly, not knowing what to do." Read the full story HERE>>


Dennis Goodwin

The gleaming silver needle plunged beneath the crimson-coated skin, reappeared, then dived again into the dangling remains of Jedediah Smith's ear. The needle's steel-nerved operator, James Clyman, set his jaw and continued the grim task of stitching his captain's head back together with a needle and thread from his supply pack. There had been no time for second thoughts. He knew Smith wouldn't last long unless he could contain the flow of blood from the gaping wounds the marauding grizzly bear had inflicted. Read the full story HERE>>


Dennis Goodwin

An Eventual Billion Dollars in Silver, Gold and Copper begins With a Simmering Bowl of Beans

The alchemists of ancient times would have surely flipped over in their graves. For hundreds of years, they unsuccessfully focused their magic formulas on nearly every material on earth - desperately striving to transform each one into precious metal. And now, in eastern Nevada's White Pine Mountains, some rough-cut prospectors had finally stumbled upon the secret ingredient...a simmering bowl of beans.  Read the full story HERE>>

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