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Western Short Stories
Daniel Gatlin

Daniel Gatlin

Western Short Stories Bio. of Daniel Gatlin

Daniel received an MFA in creative writing through Southern New Hamphsire University, and teaches middle school English in Bakersfield, CA. When not writing or teaching, he spends his days wrangling his two little cowgirls and caring for their deranged guinea pig named Tater-Tot. 

Daniels website can be found HERE>>

Get in touch with him on Twitter here... @daniel_gatlin on Twitter.

Western Short Stories of Daniel Gatlin

High Moon Justice

Daniel Gatlin

She was the youngest bounty Wyatt had ever seen advertised. Her raven pig tails and freckled dimples were better suited for a poster that had the words “Missing Child” on it. Instead, she had earned a different type of billing: WANTED – CASSIE SANGE. Crime: Murder. Age: Eleven. Alive: $5000. Dead: $3000. Wyatt didn’t know if they even hung people that young.

“Course they do, chickenshit,” Dermit said as the two of them were fastening their saddles for the long ride. “She’s a murderer, ain’t she? Young. Old. Don’t matter much to Judge Stone. She’ll swing. And you can bet we’re gonna have all five thousand in our pockets before she does. I ain’t settling for anything less.” Read the full story HERE>>