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Top Ten Western Short Stories For December

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Western Short Stories
Alfred Wallon

​Western short stories Bio. of Alfred Wallon

I was born on May 20th 1957 in Marburg and raised in Ebsdorfergrund, where I still live and work. During my childhood I was Confronted with western novels - my dad loved to read them. That was so time time, When I watched Bonanza, Virginian and High Chaparral on TV. Especially High Chaparral was my all-time favorite series, and This should lead to interesting Consequences. But at That Time a career as a western writer what far away ....

At the age of 14 I wrote my first short stories and did a few comics - only Because it was fun for me. I never thought of publishing anything until 1980. I wrote a novel about a western ranch in Texas (like High Chaparral in Arizona). I sent this novel to various publishers and waited for a positive answer. It took about one year until the novel which accepted by Kelter Verlag in Hamburg in December 1981. The novel thing called "The dollar Wolves of Abilene", and I was mighty proud of it.
This was the start of my career as a western writer. I was always looking for chances to write and publish. I wrote not ony westerns, but so Horror, SciFi, Fantasy, Crime and adventure novels as well as Love and Gothic romances. Many Of These "Penny Dreadfuls" had been published not only in Germany, but in ie Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and Russia.
My last "penny Dreadfuls" novels were published in the WESTERN LEGENDS series from 2005 - 2007. I Contributed 18 novels in this series of 100 episodes. This gave me the chance to present myself as a historical western writer. During this period I also Became of active member of Western Writers of America. This membership opened doors for me Which were quite helpful (English western novels Which were published by Hale Books in London)
I got in contact with Persimplex publishers during the Frankfurt International Book Exhibition in October 2007. My first hardcover novel Ghost Dance - Wounded Knee in 1890 which published in 2008. Further historical novels Followed, and new projects will be upcoming soon.
I wrote the CIVIL WAR CHRONICLES series and the RIO CONCHO series for Mohlberg publisher. Both series are quietly selling good and will be continued. 

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Western Short Stories by Alfred Wallon

Cadburn's Return
Alfred Wallon

​ I stared through the prison bars of the little cell in Parson´s Creek. No-one was on the street. It was hot at noon, and the townsfolk preferred to stay indoors. I was sweating, but at least I was in shade, and that was a lot better than being outside.

"You want something to drink, Gentry?", asked Deputy Roscoe Craig. "I just got a bucket of cold lemon squash. I'll be happy to share it."...Read more of Cadburn's Return

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