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Western Short Stories
Alfred Stifsim

Author Bio. of Alfred Stifsim

A graduate in American History from IUPUI in Indianapolis, Indiana and an electrician with IBEW 481, Alfred Stifsim is currently working on his first western novel. His first publication for Rope and Wire, The Bastard of the Black Hills, won second place in Rope and Wire's 2019 short story contest.

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Western Short Stories
Alfred Stifsim

The Toothache

Alfred Stifsim

Texas, 1884

George Seitz raised both eyebrows as Hart Barringer walked through the double doors of the Ruby Red Saloon. Broad shoulders fixed forward as he took powerful strides, gun belt hanging from his waist, a yellowish-purple bruise was visible on Hart’s jaw just below his lip.

“Jorge Ramos wants to fight you.” George said to him. His voice was tense, concerned.

“Does he?” Hart asked, there was little hint of worry in his tone. Pulling a stool out, he sat down at George’s bar. “Did he say why?” Read the full story HERE>>

Sam’s Defense

Alfred Stifsim

Arizona Territory, May 1st, 1883

“Sam, you know I can’t just let you go.” Wickley wanted to sound like he meant it, but his throat was tight, and his voice cracked.

Sam stood tall at attention under a lone, half-dead tree, callous and defiant. Read the full story HERE>>

Wild Boys

Alfred Stifsim

Marshall Abraham Knox stood in the back of the crowd as he watched the large hangman slip a noose around the neck of Brett Cull. The smell of dry pine was heavy in the air as close to eighty people had come to watch the execution of the last of the Wild Boys. Read the full story HERE>>

The Bastard of the Black Hills

Alfred Stifsim

Genie Oaks faces a dilemma in The Bastard of the Black Hills. It takes
three paragraphs to learn the cause, though that isn't too late. We've
already learned enough about this character to care what she does
about the problem. For a time I hoped Clarence would make amends, but
his weakness held true and the noir ending seemed accurate. A few
minor spelling errors should have been corrected before submission.
But I'll still give this one second place. Read the full story HERE>>