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Side Trail
William S. Hubbartt

William S. Hubbartt

Author of non-fiction and fiction materials:  Author of  western fiction including Lawman's Justice,  Justice for Abraham,  Six Bullet Justice, and Blazing Guns on the Santa Fe Trail (Amazon 2020). A recent contemporary novel release is Drawing a Line: A look inside the corporate response to sexual harassment. Non-fiction books include: Achieving Performance Results, (Amazon Digital Services 2019);  HIPAA Privacy Sourcebook, (SHRM, 2004), The New Battle Over Workplace Privacy, (AMACOM, 1998), Personnel Policy Handbook - How to Develop a Manual That Works (McGraw-Hill, 1993).  Short story fiction includes placements in Zimbell House No Trace Anthology (2018) and the Ghost Stories Anthology (2017),  Storyteller Anthology Magazine, Mondays are Murder, Heater – Fiction Magazine and  Wilderness House Literary Review. 

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Spirit of Victory

William S. Hubbartt

Michael collapsed at the sideline, along with his team-mates, all gasping for air after a final punishing series of ten wind sprints across the field. Just fifty-three and a third yards across, it should be a piece of cake, he thought. Ten wind sprints at all-out speed after a two hour practice, put everybody on their butt, wheezing for air as the late October heat wave baked the Oklahoma prairie. Michael hopped to his feet, invigorated. Read the full story HERE>>