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Tom Sheehan

Tom Sheehan

Western short stories Bio. of Tom Sheehan

Sheehan (31st Infantry, Korea 1951-52; Boston College 1952-1956) has multiple works in Rosebud, Linnet’s Wings, Serving House Journal, Literally Stories, Copperfield Review, Literary OrphansIndiana Voices Journal, Frontier TalesWestern Online, Faith-Hope and Fiction, EastlitRope & Wire Magazine, The Literary Yard, Green Silk Journal, Fiction on the Web, The Path, etc. He has 33 Pushcart nominations, 5 Best of the Net nominations (one winner).

Later book publications include The CowboysBeside the Broken Trail, In the Garden of Long Shadows, Between Mountain and River, and, shortly, Catch a Wagon to a Star, by Pocol Press, and Jehrico by Danse Macabre. Back Home in Saugus (a collection) is being considered, as are Small Victories for the Soul VII, Korean Echoes, Jock Poems for Proper Bostonians, The One Way to Get Home, and Alone with the Good Graces. He was Danse Macabre’s 2016 Writer-in-Residence in Las Vegas.

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Epic and Primal Retreat for a Loner

Tom Sheehan

"Some rush back in a hurry," Thorne Ashbury said in soft appraisal of overhead clouds arriving for the 20th day in succession, a lately-found pain in his knee kicking into gear, his telegraphic thigh telling him the pain was going to hang around for a spell, his acceptance of things as they were, would be, might have been. These were lucky additions for some passages in his mind when tossed into normal arguments, or plucked for imagination to lock up for its own privilege.

He had his way with things...   Read the full story HERE>>

Still Romancing Us

Tom Sheehan

On a resplendent day in July, 2018, leaving our Saugus, MA of the First Iron Works of America barely out my favorite window, my son Jamie drove me to the ancient resting place, Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Concord, Massachusetts, burial site of many authors who right to this day enchant us with their work, who spent their lives in the vicinity and thus their lyrical eternities enjoined. We read that none of them ventured west in those explorative days, busy here at creation, staying put, embracing the charms about them, one and all, to touch us down these centuries, to allow recall of youthful reading on my part bringing back the kind of memories all of us should have, should share.  Read the full article HERE>>

The Last Shot

Tom Sheehan

Tom Mix

The actor who fired a last shot at another old-time cowboy actor lying wounded in the dusty road in front of the saloon, and the pistol had a real bullet in the chamber and killed the old-time actor and Hollywood covered up the whole thing because the star was an untouchable personality. The real Tom Mix tragedy had not yet been revealed, according to Mixmaster. Read the full article HERE>>


Tom Sheehan

Barney, her son Gary's dog, was a mutt who accompanied the 11-year-old home one day, probably after being lost or dropped off by some callous owner and most likely hungry and attracted to Gary's demeanor, soft voice, gentle hands, and a whistler, and that for much of his days when permissible.  Read the full story HERE>>

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