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Side Trail
Scott Gese

Scott Gese

Bio. of Scott Gese

I was born East of the Dakota's and raised in the Pacific Northwest. Oregon is where I currently hang my hat.

Over the years I've developed a skill for writing and outdoor photography. The two have come together in a somewhat symbiotic relationship as I pursue my interest in sharing what I know, the things I've seen and the places I've been. You can find my portfolio HERE>>

In 2007, seeing the need for an outlet which I and many other western authors could promote our work, I started a western short story website called Rope and Wire.

The site is still in existence and has seen steady growth since it first came online. With over fifty published authors contributing their work, the site has consistently been the number one western short story website on most major search engines and is currently enjoyed by western enthusiasts in over 160 countries around the world.

As a published author, my writing includes both fictional short stories and factual magazine articles with a couple of novels added to the mix.

In the past I've written western short stories under the pen name of Christopher Scott. I've since opted to no longer use a pen name.

I have two novels published by Black Horse Westerns titled "Bitter is the Dust" and "Guns and Dreamers" as well as several eBooks. You can find them on Amazon.

My Side Trail page contains a diversity of thoughts and topics that come to mind on any given day.

A few of these stories will open in my publication called Fictitious. They will open in a new window so it will be easy to return to this site.

American Civil War: Why?

Scott Gese

What were the events that led up to the American Civil war. Where did they happen and most importantly, why did they happen? Let's take a look. Read the full article HERE>>

Texas Was Once a Nation. How and Why Did it Become a State?

Scott Gese

The state of Texas was once a country, a sovereign nation known as the Republic of Texas. How did it come to be a state? Read the full article HERE>>

A Cub Reporter story: Cowboy's Way out West

Scott Gese

It was early. I had just arrived at the office and was about to pour myself a fresh cup of coffee when my boss stepped out of his office.

“Scott, I've got an assignment for you. I need you to talk with a man named Harold Kalani. He's a local rancher. Lives a few miles west of town. Here's the address.”

He handed me a small slip of paper and headed back to his office.  Read the full story HERE>>

The Mighty Buffalo: Slaughtered to the Brink of Extinction

“Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam…”

It's the opening line to a poem written in 1872 by an ear, nose and throat doctor named Brewster Higley. The poem later became the lyrics to a song titled “Home on the range.” It’s the official state song of Kansas and the unofficial anthem of the American West.

Here's the Irony.

In 1872, when the above words were first penned, this country was in the middle of a very brutal mass slaughter aimed at the very buffalo Higley wrote of.

Read the full story HERE>>

Bodie, California: Dead but not Forgotten

This western town went from boom to bust as miners followed the gold trail. In a rare turn of events, Bodie was designated a Historic Landmark and is now preserved in a state of arrested decay. It started out simple enough. The way many western towns did in the 1800's. A gold strike, a few tents and a lot of high hopes. The Bodie mining camp was no different.

Read the full article HERE>>

A Cub Reporter story: Humor, the Main Ingredient of Cowboy Coffee

Scott Gese

I was a cub reporter working for a small town paper called the Daily News. It was my first day on the job and as I recall, my first assignment went something like this...

“Scott, have you ever heard of Cowboy Coffee?” my boss asked.

I replied enthusiastically. “No sir, can't say that I have, but If you'd like me to find out, I'm on it.”

Read the full story here>>

A Cub Reporter story: Cowboys, Whiskey and the Saragosa Saloon

Scott Gese

It was Friday morning. The week had been good to me. I had just wrapped up my third story for the week and the local whiskey bar was on my evening agenda. I was reminded I was still at the office when my boss stopped by my desk and handed me an assignment slip.

“Have you ever heard of Saragosa?”

I repeated the word slowly, “Saragosa.”

“No, can't say that I have. I like the sound of it though.”

Read the full story HERE>>

A Cub Reporter story: The Saragosa Stage: Hell on Wheels

Scott Gese

It was a busy day. I was eating lunch at my desk as I pounded the keys. The whole week had been crazy. One more day and I could ease into a relaxing weekend. I had just taken a bite of my apple when the boss walked up to my desk.

“What do you know about stagecoaches?” he asked.

I took a quick swig of coffee to clear my throat. “Saw a really nice one when I did the Saragosa story. Thought I'd hitch a ride but didn't get the chance.”

Read the full story HERE>>

A Cub Reporter story: Saragosa Dude Ranch: The Crazy Cattle Drive

Scott Gese

I was going through some morning emails when my boss approached my desk.

“What do you know about the Saragosa Vacation Ranch?” He asked.

“Never heard of it. Is it connected with the Saragosa tourist town I did the story on awhile back?”

“Exactly right,” he replied as he handed me a new assignment sheet. “Enjoy yourself...and bring me back a damn good story,” he commented as he walked back to his office.

Read the full story HERE>>

A Cub Reporter story: Missouri Mules: Who Knew?

Scott Gese

My nose was glued to my computer screen while researching a story I was working on. Suddenly I felt as if someone was watching me. I turned and looked up to see my boss standing over my shoulder.

“How would you like to take a break from that machine and get some fresh air?” He asked.

“What do you have in mind,” I replied.

“What do you know about mules?”  Read the full story HERE>>

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