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Jay Peters

Jay Peters

Jay Peters is the pen name of Mr. Jan Peter Blickenstaff, (a
complicated name), who decided he had read enough western fiction and
western history that he should try writing his own story.

Since High School, Jan wanted to write but never found a
subject, or theme to write about, until now.

At age five and six was a fan of Gene Autry, "America's
Favorite Singing Cowboy".

He was a printer in High School, a diesel mechanic in the US Navy,
and Vietnam combat veteran on a Patrol Gunboat.

Jan earned a degree in Earth Science from Montana State at Bozeman,
Montana. He worked 30 years for state and local governments in
Montana and Idaho in land use planning and grant management.

He's now retired and living the good life with his wife in Texas.  

Books by Jay Peters can be found on Amazon HERE>>

Advice from the Old Printer

Jay Peters

Ben Thomas, the newspaper Editor, came by the old folks home to see me the today. But I was laid up in bed with the rhemuatiz. All that wrestling of broncs and hay, wear out a man’s joints somethin’ fierce. In my time, I owned the Hayseed hotel for horses and out of work cowboys. Horses and mules being my payin’ customers.  Read the full story HERE>>

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