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Side Trail
James Buttinger

James Buttinger

Bio. of James Buttinger

James Buttinger, is a member of Annapolis Poetry and Fiction Writers. He pens short stories, plays and poems. His story "Replay" appears in best of Gargoyle Fiction/86. He kayaks the Chesapeake Bay, walks the historic cobblestones and reads the world's masters of the short form. Among the Western masters: Les Savage, Jr. Dorothy M. Johnson, Elmore Leonard, Willa Cather, Loren D. Estleman, Alan LeMay, John Jakes.

Where or When

James Buttinger

Slade felt the gunshot thud into the left flank of his dun colored mare. She took the hit in full stride, kept her pace and weaved her way down the alkaline of the arroyo into the twilight haze of a dead moon night. A fusillade of haphazard carbine rounds from the Federales in pursuit sent up shattered rock around her hooves. Slade figured they meant to bring his mare down so they could take him alive and back to Monterosa to hang him in the public square. Read the full story HERE>> 

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