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William MacLeod Raine was born in London, the son of William and Jessie Raine. After his mother died, his family migrated from England to Arkansas when Raine was ten years old, eventually settling on a cattle ranch near the Texas-Arkansas border. In 1894, after graduating from Oberlin College, Raine left Arkansas and headed for the western U.S. He became the principal of a school in Seattle while contributing columns to a local newspaper. Later he moved to Denver, where he worked as a reporter and editorial writer for local periodicals.

At this time he began to publish short stories, eventually becoming a full-time free-lance fiction writer, and finally finding his literary home in the novel. His earliest novels were romantic histories taking place in the English countryside. However, after spending some time with the Arizona Rangers, Raine shifted his literary focus and began to utilize the American West as a setting. 

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Plot Summary

How a member of the most dauntless border police force carried law into the mesquit, saved the life of an innocent man after a series of thrilling adventures, followed a fugitive to Wyoming, and then passed through deadly peril to ultimate happiness.

Plot Summary

"A romance of the North-West Mounted Police, and of a man-hunt through the frozen wilderness that will stir the blood of every reader" 

Plot Summary

A sheriff's son whose fine physique belies his natural fear comes into his father's former frontier district as a lawyer. The wild west story of how this tenderfoot acquires the courage which the inhabitants naturally expect of him and how he wins the heart of the "hill girl," daughter of the lawbreakers, is lively and entertaining.

Plot Summary

Accused of murder, a young man is pursued across the Arizona deserts, but finds refuge at the Bar Double G ranch at the invitation of the owner's daughter, Melissy. Melissy knows his secrets but vows to keep them in this romantic adventure of the Old West.

Plot Summary

How Oil Came to the Cattle Country and Brought a New West.

Plot Summary

Questions of national sovereignty, immigration and cultural identity were as relevant in the era of the Wild West as they are today, if not more so. William MacLeod Raine's Bucky O'Connor broaches these tricky issues in the midst of a pleasing tale that unfolds in the classic Western tradition.

Plot Summary

A rustler earns the ire of the early settlers of the Old West with his plundering and pillaging of their settlements. There is one woman who sees something else in this maverick; will his charm be enough to overcome his reputation and win her heart?

Plot Summary

An Arizona cowpuncher, inspired by the memory of a beautiful city gal he saved from a stampede heads to New York to find her. The young lady is a socialite, daughter of a millionaire. 
The cowpuncher doesn't fit in with his new surroundings and manages to find trouble while he's there.
The Big-Town Round-Up contains plenty of action, romance and more than a few laughs.

How it begins

A girl sat on the mossy river-bank in the dappled, golden sunlight. Frowning eyes fixed on a sweeping eddy, she watched without seeing the racing current. Her slim, supple body, crouched and tense, was motionless, but her soul seethed tumultuously. In the bosom of her coarse linsey gown lay hidden a note. 

Plot Summary

Jack Roberts, or Tex, is a Texas Ranger in the days of the Civil War. Whether his adventures take him into a gunfight with Mexicans or exploits with a certain young lady, he is the picture of the robust, wild, free man of the Old West.

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