Beyond the Western
The Wake-Up Call
Scott A. Gese

The Wake-up Call / Image source: Maura24/Pixabay

She was clueless and being taken advantage of. Things were about to change, for everyone.

Beyond the Western

Samantha Gale was a party girl. A very rich, very beautiful and very self-centered teenage party girl. A child born into wealth and privilege. She was born with a proverbial silver spoon in her mouth. She lacked nothing and had the best of everything. To put it mildly, she was spoiled rotten.

As a young adult, her shallow mind didn’t think much deeper than her selfish and pointless ambitions, and in that, she was very focused.

Her money came from her parents. Her father was a highly successful industrialist. One of the richest men in the country. His materialistic wife excelled at the art of spending her husbands wealth on expensive fashion accessories and shiny objects. Everything Samantha knew she learned from her parents. Most of it from her mother.

Samantha’s saving grace was that she understood numbers more than most. A genetic gift from her father. A gift that at her young age, she didn’t take seriously.

There were certain people in the financial sector who caught wind of her uncanny ability. They would show her the spreadsheets of undervalued companies. All she needed to do was glance at them. The numbers would all but jump off the page as she pointed out their strengths and weaknesses. The men manipulated her into choosing favorable stock positions for them.

Samantha didn’t realize she was being used.

She thought it was nothing more than a parlor game that made her the center of attention. She was happy with that. Attention was the one thing she couldn’t get enough of.


Samantha’s world took a sudden and drastic change on the day her parents private jet went down during a sudden and severe tropical thunder storm. They were returning from a long weekend at their estate on a private South Pacific island.

As a single child, everything was left to her. As a young and shallow minded adult she was clueless when it came to managing any of it.

Her fathers private lawyer offered to handle the family fortune for her. She trusted him and blindly agreed. A generous sum was deposited into her account each month. If she needed more, all she had to do was ask. She saw it as the perfect arrangement. So did her lawyer.

As the months passed, something began to eat at Samantha. Call it intuition.

She began to grow curious about what her late father actually owned and left her. At the suggestion of a trusted friend she sat down with her lawyer to go over the estate in detail.

The lawyer didn’t realize Samantha had a head for numbers. He thought she had a head full of air.

He didn’t bother to go into depth explaining the financial details of the companies she now owned.

When she asked to see the companies books he almost laughed out loud.

He gave them to her because she asked for them, not because he thought she could actually understand them.

She did understand them. She took them home and spent the rest of the day looking them over. What she realized shocked her. The numbers didn’t add up. Something was very wrong.

She asked her friend, who ran a successful company of her own, to meet with her. There were a few questions she knew her friend could answer.

The two met that evening. Samantha pointed out certain discrepancies in the finances of several companies she owned.

The two women concluded that all the books were being manipulated by her accountants. Her lawyer was skimming a healthy sum of money off the re-figured profit before the remainder was either reinvested into the company or deposited into Samantha’s bank account.

It was the wake-up call she needed. With the sudden realization that her wealth was being plundered she realized it was time to take real control of her empire.

She needed to do it before she lost the entire fortune to the opportunists who thought she was nothing more than a “clueless bimbo”.

With the advice of her good friend she hired honest consultants to help her. Once everything was in place, she brought in new lawyers who filed charges against the accountants and her lawyer.

She took pleasure in stopping by his office with two officers at her side.

She personally handed him the arrest warrant. He was speechless as the officers cuffed him. Samantha had shown him she would no longer be the victim of his theft and manipulation She was now in charge of her business, her wealth and her destiny.

From that very moment, Samantha began a miraculous transformation. She dropped her self centered shallowness and her mothers spendthrift ways.

She learned everything she needed to know about running her empire and slowly took on more of her fathers business sense. She used her new knowledge to grow her wealth. Her father would have been proud.

Over time she used her wisdom and a great portion of her wealth to start and fund several charitable organizations dedicated to helping people in need.

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