Beyond the Western
Leo and Cleo: Betrayed
Scott A. Gese

Meet Leo and Cleo. Image source: Piqsels

I’ve written several Leo and Cleo stories. This is the first one.
Leo the cat thought he had it made, but then Cleo showed up.

Beyond the Western

Suddenly, without a hint of prior notice, Leo was no longer the focus of attention.

There was a new kid in the house and Leo was not happy.

Sure, he still got his two meals a day, personal access to the outside world and a warm bed, but that didn’t matter. Now he had to share the space, the attention and the lap of the woman of the house.

Nope, this was not going to work. Leo needed to put a stop to this nonsense immediately.

The first thing he planned to do was claim his territory, then he would deal with the newcomer. He needed to show this little hussy what was his and what was NOT hers.

Leo had just started laying claim to his territory by putting out markers in certain rooms and on certain pieces of furniture when the woman grabbed him up by the scruff of the neck.

Leo complained all the way to the door. “Hey, what’s going on here. Wait a minute. I’m not done yet. I still need to claim the bedroom.”

The woman acted like she didn’t understand a single word he said.

She opened the door and put him outside. As soon as he hit the ground he tried to run back in, but she was too quick. She slammed the big door and locked his personal door. “What the hell,” thought Leo. “Locked out of my personal domain?This has never happened before.”

He ran around the house to his favorite window and looked in. There she was, that little hussy, Cleo, In the woman’s lap. They were fawning all over each other. He could hear Cleo purring from the other side of the glass.

Leo was livid. “This is not right, not right at all.”

He decided the next time he encountered Cleo he was going to set her straight. Bat her up side the head a couple of times and let her know who was boss.

That evening after dinner, Leo saw his chance. He walked up to Cleo and got in her face. “Listen here little lady. If I were you I’d pack my bags and hit the street. This is my domain and I’m not about to share it with the likes of you.” For emphasis Leo swatted her.

Cleo wasn’t about to be bullied. She went after Leo and the fur began to fly.

Once again Leo found himself on the opposite side of the glass looking in at Cleo. This time she was curled up and taking a nap on the woman’s lap.

“I should have laid claim to that lap when I had the chance,” thought Leo.

“OK, that does it. Time to get my buddy, Gunther from the house next door over here. I’ll get him to take care of this intruder once and for all.”

Leo walked next door and had a talk with his buddy, Gunther.

The plan was set. Leo would pretend to play nice and invite Cleo outside where Gunther would be waiting. He would put the fear in her and chase her so far away she wouldn’t be able to find her way back home.

The next day everything went according to plan. Cleo came outside and Leo convinced her to check out the neighbors yard while he sat in the field next door waiting for a mouse.

Leo waited in the field for Gunther, but Gunther never showed.

After twenty minutes Leo went looking for him. He found him still in his yard. He had befriended Cleo and they were enjoying each others company.

Leo was not a happy cat. “Gunther, what are you doing? This wasn’t part of the plan?”

“Sorry, Leo. I like her. I didn’t have the heart.”

“Whatever!” Shouted Leo. “Thanks for nothing.”

Gunther had betrayed him. Leo went back to the field… defeated.

© Copyright 2019 by Scott A. Gese All Rights Reserved.