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Beyond the Western
Roy V. Gaston

Beyond the Western Bio. of Roy V. Gaston

Gaston has always been thrilled by Westerns and grew up reading, and re-reading, Ralph Compton, Charles Portis, Louis L'amour, Owen Wister, Alan LeMay, Elmore Leonard. (And the adventures of Kid Colt Outlaw, the Rawhide Kid,and the Two-Gun Kid, when comics were still 10 cents a piece.

Gaston says his books stay true to the genre and revolve around real-life historical characters and the code of the mythic West. Individualism. Personal courage. Self-determinism. Independence. Justice. "True Grit." That good wins and that even if reached by a circuitous route, bad guys get their deserved fate. Traits and attributes that seem to be taking a beating in the media these days.

Gaston has been fascinated by the history of the Black Seminole Nation history for 40 years, and Beyond the Goodnight Trail is the first novel in a series featuring Pete Horse and the Black Seminole, who played a huge role in the adventures and settlement of the West. The series will follow the Black Seminole from the Second Seminole War through the relocation on the Trail of Tears and continuing through their days as the U.S. 10th Cavalry "Buffalo Soldiers" that eventually conquered the Comanche in Texas.

In addition to being to enthralled by the Old West, Gaston has a deep interest in the American Civil War, which is the setting for his first novel, How Can A Man Die Better. Find the book HERE>> The website HERE>>

A native of Athens, Ohio and a graduate of Ohio University, Gaston is fan of Harry Flashman, Hitch and Cole, Gus and Woodrow, Matt and Festus, Statler and Waldorf, Buck and Roy, Willie and Waylon, and Conspiracy Theories.

Beyond the Goodnight Trail is Gaston's first Western novel, written after he retired from a career supervising housing units in Ohio prisons. Find the book HERE>> 

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Stories by Roy V. Gaston

Castle Blackheart

Roy V. Gaston



Lyman Dunnock sprinted past the gospel grinders gathered around a coin-pot under a dying gaslight, their bells tinkling eerily in the pre-dawn London fog. On the opposite street corner, a cluster of wretched three-penny uprights cackled and cursed the missionaries, bitter that the Salvation-Sallies had run any late-night business away. He huffed around a dim corner and flattened a gaggle of charity workers like they were frumpy bowling pins, righted himself, and hurdled down a black alley over an obstacle course of slumbering tosspots. With a last burst of speed, he popped out the opposite end through a troop of slumming mandrakes posed on a stairwell as they spouted witty verse in their parrot-colored neck scarves and billowy French sleeves. Read the full story HERE>> 


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