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Western Short Stories
Ben Fine

Ben fine

Western Short Stories Bio. of Ben Fine

Dr. Ben Fine is a mathematician and professor at Fairfield University in Connecticut in the United States.  He is a graduate of the MFA program at Fairfield University and is the author of fifteen books (twelve in mathematics, one on chess, one a political thriller and one a swashbuckler about pirates) as well over 130 research articles, fifteen short stories and a novella about Pirates. His story August 18,1969 published in the Green Silk Journal was nominated for a Pushcart prize. His story From the Dambovitsa to Coney Island was an honorable mention winner in the Glimmer Train Literary Contest. His story "The Schuyler Diamonds" won First Place in the Writer's Digest Popular Fiction Awards in the Mystery/Crime Category.  His story "My Mother, God and the Big Blue Ford", published in Green Silk Journal won Honorable Mention   in the 45th New Millennium Writing Awards. He has written several westerns. He has completed a memoir told in interwoven stories called Tales from Brighton Beach: A Boy Grows in Brooklyn. The stories detail his growing up in Brighton Beach, a seaside neighborhood on the southern tip of Brooklyn, during the 1950's and 1960's. Brighton Beach was unique and set apart from the rest of New York City both in character and in time. His latest novel Out of Granada was released in 2017.

His author website is https://benfineauthor.com

Western Short Stories by Ben Fine

The Dutchman and the Comanche Chief

Quannah Parker and Henry Leuwitt

Ben Fine

I’ve never witnessed a Comanche raid nor have I ever seen the Comanches in battle but I’ve been told that it’s a frightening scene. When the Comanches fought an enemy, either another Indian tribe or a band of white men, they killed eyeryone they could, man women and children. They fought as if they did not fear death. Occasionally they took a few prisoners that they then incorporated into their tribe. They liked having strong women, so in raids into Texas, women that the Anglos might consider good looking were often killed while heavy women were taken prisoner. The other plains Indians, whom they fought against, knew that the Comanches were stone killers and so they often also fought to the last man. Read the full story HERE>>

Johnny Reneger

Ben Fine

My name is Johnny Reneger and I’m a gambler. I own the Gold and West Saloon in Brown Peak, Arizona. I came to Brown Peak five years ago to get away from some trouble I had gambling on the riverboats along the Mississipi and Missouri. It was by happenstance that I own the saloon but it was on account of three different women that I came to where I am now. That’s what this tale is all about. Read the full story HERE>>

Red Gary and Bill Tillman

Ben Fine

Red Gary had worked as the Marshall in Blue Mesa, Arizona for fifteen year. During all that time he had been a conscientious and effective lawman and the town marveled at how safe and secure Blue Mesa was. . But now he had quit his job as a lawman and was a man on a mission. Read the full story HERE>>

Nightmare at Renegade's Rock

Ben Fine

This boarding house in St. Joe’s where I’m living, will probably be my final stop in this lifetime. I’m certain that this is my life’s last stand. Still it’s cheap, the land lady feeds me well and I can sit on the front porch rocking chair and stare out towards the prairie. Sitting here, I let my mind wander out to the wilderness where I wandered the vast green stretches of land for so many years. As the US Army routs the remaining free Crows, my sons and their families are out there, somewhere, running away and attempting to survive. Read the full story HERE>>