Beyond the Western
Ishy's big mistake
Scott A. Gese

He pulled up to the garage door and honked. Image source: Unsplash

A small time car thief finds himself in big time trouble when his latest heist comes with extra baggage.

Beyond the Western

John “Ishy” Banford drove the Toyota Corolla out of the parking lot and headed straight for queens. Ishy was a car thief. The chop shop would give him top dollar for the Corolla. Once he dropped it off he would collect his pay and head to his favorite bar for a drink or two.

He pulled up to the garage door and honked. It opened and he drove inside. Another successful heist. The car would either be stripped for parts or loaded onto a boat and shipped to an Eastern Bloc country.

Ishy stepped out of the car. “Where’s Samuel?” He asked. “I got a $300 dollar car here and I want cash,” he boasted.

“Samuel ain’t here right now and you know damn well that car ain’t worth more than $200,” replied one of the men inside.

“When will Samuel be back?”

“It’s late. He’s gone for the day. He’ll be back on Monday. You can collect your money then.”

“Monday???.” Protested Ishy.

“You know better than to bring a car in this late on a Friday. Deal with it.”

“I’ll be back bright and early on Monday to collect my pay,” replied Ishy as he left the shop.


On Monday morning, Samuel and his worker walked into his shop. It hit them as soon as he opened the door. “What in the hell’s that stench. Good God, open the door.”

When the door was rolled open, Ishy was standing just outside. “What in the hell is that smell?”

“I think it’s coming from that Corolla,” stated Samuel.

“I brought that car in on Friday. You owe me $300 bucks.”

“Right now I don’t owe you shit. Pop that trunk.”

The worker easily broke the lock and opened it. All three men gagged. Inside was a dead body. It had begun to decompose over the weekend.

“What the fuck? What are you bringing me Ishy?” He slammed the trunk. “Get this thing out of my shop right now.”

“I didn’t know there was a body in there. What am I suppose to do with it?”

“You can dump it in the East River for all I care. Just get it out of here.”

Ishy took the car back. He drove it to a side street and parked it. As he started to walk away an alert police officer cut him off and jumped out of his squad car.

“I’d like to see your license and registration for this car please.”

“This ain’t my car,” replied Ishy. It belongs a friend. He’ll be by to pick it up shortly.”

He tried to walk away but the officer stopped him. “Mind if we take a look in the trunk?”

They walked back to the trunk. “Broken lock I see.” The officer opened it.

Ishy tried to run but he wasn’t fast enough. The officer slapped the cuffs on him. “You’re under arrest for suspicion of murder.”

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