500 Word Short Story
Unexpected Payback
Scott A. Gese

500 Word Short Story

Damon Foyle lived on a hill. He had a two story house with an almost perfect view. When he moved in, the lot below him was up for sale. He would have bought it if he could have afforded it. Unfortunately, he couldn't. Eventually it was purchased by an older couple who built a new home.

The couple was conscientious about blocking the view of their neighbor, so when they built, they took the height of their house into consideration. Damon was thrilled that they didn't block his view. There was one big problem that Damon knew would become an issue between them if it was left unattended.

There was a large fir tree in the back yard of the new home that was right in the center of his view. Damon politely asked them if they would remove it. The couple refused. “This is a living thing. We won't destroy it just because it's blocking your view.”

Damon wasn't happy. The tree was an annoyance and he didn't want it in his line of sight. Damon was becoming obsessed. He wanted that tree gone.

He asked his neighbors several times if they would reconsider removing the tree. He even offered to pay to have it taken down, but each time the neighbors refused. Damon finally decided to take matters into his own hands. Once a week under the cover of darkness he would sneak down to the neighbors and drench the ground around the trees roots with poison. He kept it up for a full year. It was a slow process but he needed to look like it died of natural causes.

Eventually, the tree started to look sick. Damon was making progress. Eventually it was so far gone, it was beyond saving. He once again approached his neighbor and casually commented about the tree. “Looks like that tree's on its way out”.

“Kinda looks that way,” his neighbor replied.

“I'd be more than happy to remove it for you...no charge of course.”

The neighbor gave it some thought. He had a sneaking feeling that Damon had something to do with the trees condition, but no proof. “Do you think you can remove it without it hitting my house?” He asked.

“No problem. I can drop it right along the back property line. Piece o' cake.”

“OK then, you can cut it down, but if it does any damage to my house, you're paying for the repairs.”

Damon agreed and went to get his chain saw. He had cut down trees before, so he was quite confident about what he was doing. He was careful to make his initial cuts so the tree would drop right where he wanted it.

Just as the tree started to go down, it twisted in a very unnatural way and started to fall directly toward Damon's house. Damon screamed, “Noooo,” but there was nothing he could do.

The tree happily slammed down right through the middle of Damon's roof.

© Copyright 2019 by Scott A. Gese All Rights Reserved.

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