500 Word Short Story
The Time Bender
Scott A. Gese

500 Word Short Story

He was the top coder in the country.

Timothy Wilkins was a twenty-eight year old prodigy. Hired by the NSA to develop software for a top secret project. A project that had been in the works for five years. No one had been able to complete the necessary coding needed to finish the project. Top coders had tried and failed.

The “machine” was nothing more than a helmet. A sophisticated version of a virtual reality headset. But this project wasn't a game. It was real. The movie titled “The Matrix” only hinted at what was really possible. Recent advancements in the understanding of quantum physics had made the project more than theoretically possible.

The project Timothy Wilkins was hired to complete was the manifestation of that theory. It was a machine that could actually bend time. It was a time machine.

In the past, the thought was that the body would move through time in some sort of a craft. The new thinking was a radical departure from the past.

The New thought was that physical travel didn't need to happen. The body would stay put. The mind will do the traveling. It goes way beyond Lucid Dreaming or Out of Body travel. Mere child's play compared to the technology being developed by sources much higher than even that of the NSA. The NSA was a front for the real power players.

The problem wasn't that someone couldn't be sent forward. That had been done. The problem was twofold. They couldn't bring them back and they couldn't communicate with them in real time.

A few experiments had been attempted. Someone was sent forward by a week. They would leave a message in a predetermined location acknowledging their arrival. A week later the message showed up. It was a slow system. Currently six people were stuck in time, unable to return. They were virtually alive and living in the future. But their current time bodies were in a secure room, comatose, waiting for the day they could return home.

Wilkins was hired to figure out a real time communication system no matter how far in advance future travelers were sent. Communication was the top priority, not bringing them back.

He worked tirelessly on the project for close to a month. Twice the attempt was made. The secure room body count rose by two.

Unbeknownst to the NSA, Wilkins was working on a side project. How to return from a future time.

Over the next month the body count grew by another two. It looked like the problem wasn't going to be solved any time soon. The bodies disappeared along with the funding. Wilkins was let go, but not before he had downloaded all the information he needed to build a machine that could bend time.

He may not have solved the communication problem, but he did figure out how to return. The world was about to change for the better and Timothy Wilkins was the man who would lead the way.

© Copyright 2019 by Scott A. Gese All Rights Reserved.

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