500 Word Short Story
The Dream Machine
Scott A. Gese

500 Word Short Story

Anslo was about to check his bag when he realized he had accidentally slipped his pocket knife back into his pants pocket. He was already running late and there was no time to go about mailing it to himself. He really didn't want to lose it so he took a chance and dropped it into the main compartment of his bag and checked it in. He hoped it would be there when he arrived.

After the flight he picked up his luggage and caught an Uber to the dock where he boarded a cruise ship and found his berth. When he had the chance to check his bag, he breathed a sigh of relief when he found the knife was still there. He set it on the dresser with plans to mail it home.

That evening at dinner, his table was being entertained by a man who called himself The Dreamer. He had a box called the Dream Machine. Each person at the table was to write a word on a card. All the cards would be fed into a slot on the box and a single “Dream Card” would be returned with a fortune written on it using the words it had been fed. The fortune would be for one person at the table, but no one would know for sure who it would be for. They all played along and fed their cards to the box.

The dream card was returned. “Before I read this card I must tell you something,” stated the Dreamer. “I have yet to have one of these dreams fail.”

He looked at the card and gasped “Oh my. Maybe we should try this again.”

“Again? No no, read the card,” they all insisted.

“OK, I'll read the card, but I hope this dream doesn't come true.” He held the card out and read, “Your fantasy is fraught with danger. Proceed with caution.

They all had a good laugh and thought about what their personal fantasy might be.

After dinner and drinks, Anslo found himself in the company of a beautiful young woman. He ordered two bottles of champagne. They took the bottles and headed back to Anslo's berth where they proceeded to finish them both off.

As the night progressed, Anslo allowed the young woman to bind his wrists with his necktie and then tie him to the bed. It was her fantasy, not his. It was against his better judgment, but he played along.

After the fun was over he asked to be untied. The young woman worked at the knots but the champagne was keeping her from focusing her attention. She couldn't get them undone.

“I know what I can do,” she said. She fell off the bed, got up and staggered over to the dresser. “I saw this knife up here when I came in. I'll take it and just slice those knots right off your wrists.”

She opened the knife and staggered back to the bed.

© Copyright 2018 by Scott A. Gese All Rights Reserved.