500 Word Short Story
Pulled Pork Surprise
Scott A. Gese

500 Word Short Story

Ralph Stark decided to be adventurous for lunch. He had never eaten at the little restaurant around the corner from his workplace. It was called Lucky's. He always thought it looked like a dive joint. One to stay away from unless you had an iron stomach, which he didn't.

He asked several coworkers if they would like to join him. They all turned him down. “No offense, Ralph. We're not looking to get food poisoning any time soon,” was the jest of the replies he was getting.

“Come on guys, sometimes you just have to live on the edge. Take a chance once in a while. You never know what you might discover about a certain place or about yourself,” replied Ralph. “It might be the best restaurant it town. A hidden gem right under our noses. There has to be at least one brave soul among you all?”

A woman named Jenny spoke up. “That sounds like a challenge. I'll take you up on it.”

“Yes! ladies and gentlemen, we have a taker. This young lady shows the rest of you so-called brave men just what wooses you really are. Thank you, Jenny for accepting my challenge. Let's go.”


When Ralph and Jenny walked through the door the restaurant, they both had second thoughts, but they kept it to themselves. It was the lunch rush and there were only two people at the counter. The floor looked like it hadn't been mopped in a couple of months. The table they sat at was sticky and Ralph had to ask the waitress to please wipe it down one more time. First impressions were proving the place to be a bad choice. Still, they stuck it out.

“We should have T-shirts made up with, 'I Survived Lucky's' printed on them,” suggested Jenny.

“First let's see if we actually do survive,” replied Ralph.

Jenny played it safe and ordered a small salad. Ralph caught the smell of pulled pork coming from the kitchen. He ordered a pulled pork sandwich.

“My aren't we brave,” remarked Jenny.

“How bad can it be,” remarked Ralph in a questioning tone.

“We'll soon find out,” quipped Jenny.

They waited for what seemed like an unusual amount of time. There was some commotion coming from the kitchen area. The cook was rushed out the front door.

Ralph asked the waitress,“Is everything OK?”

“Oh, a, yes, everything is just fine. I'll have your order out in a minute,” she replied.

When their food finally did show up it actually looked edible, and tasted surprisingly good as well.

Ralph was enjoying his pulled pork sandwich until he bit down on what he thought was a piece of gristle. Only when he fished it out of his mouth did he realize it was the tip of someones finger down to the first knuckle.

They both began to gag. The waitress rushed over, saw the finger and remarked, “well there that thing is.”

© Copyright 2019 by Scott A. Gese All Rights Reserved.

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