500 Word Short Story
No Heavy Lifting
Scott A. Gese

500 Word Short Story

Travis Calhoun was a Texas millionaire several times over. His money wasn't given to him by some dead relative. He came about his money the old fashioned way. He earned it.

Not by the sweat of his brow. Travis was never a blue collar laborer. No, he earned it by being smarter than the average person. He had brains. He could figure out how to improve on those everyday items that begged to be improved upon. Once he latched onto an idea, he would disappear into his shop until the idea became a reality.

Travis's current project was figuring out how to levitate heavy objects. In spite of what he had learned in history books, about such things as Mayan temples and the pyramids in Egypt. He knew they weren't built by thousands of primitive people dragging and lifting huge chunks of stone. There was more to the story than what historians were willing to reveal. He knew there was some sort of levitation involved.

Travis had heard the story of the Coral Castle in Florida. Built in 1920. It's a modern day example of the same technology the Egyptians had used, but on a much smaller scale. When he first heard the story, he knew he had to see it for himself. Once there, he immediately became obsessed with figuring out how Edward Leedskalnin did it.

Travis spent a year doing extensive research, following leads and searching through old manuscripts and ancient texts from several different countries. He worked on the project day and night.

He had a huge limestone boulder moved into a spare building on his property. He tried several hand held prototypes. Nothing seemed to levitate it. Undeterred, he kept at it.

One day, he took his latest device out to the rock to give it a try. To his amazement, it actually worked. He easily lifted the two ton boulder a foot off the ground and moved it to the other side of the building and set it down.

He had done it. He had figured out how to levitate large heavy objects with ease.

He phoned a friend to tell him of his achievement. He emailed another who he thought might be interested in investing in his new project. They were both excited and wanted to see his achievement first hand. It was a Thursday. Travis set up a meeting for the following Monday. He had three days to get his notes in order.

On Saturday there was a knock at his door. Two men in suits were paying Travis a visit. They were from the NSA. They had heard about Travis's breakthrough and offered to pay him for the technology. They said it was a matter of National Security and it needed to be kept under wraps. What they offered wasn't nearly enough and he turned them down.

That Monday, his friends found Travis dead from an apparent heart attack. The place had been stripped clean. All that remained was the limestone boulder.

© Copyright 2019 by Scott A. Gese All Rights Reserved.

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