500 Word Short Story
Leo and Cleo: Leo's Bad Day
Scott A. Gese

500 Word Short Story

Rita, (aka “the woman”) was re-potting a houseplant. Her two cats, Leo and Cleo, were getting underfoot, making it difficult to get anything done. They wanted her undivided attention.

“OK, ok, you win. I can't work with you two getting in my way. Let me feed you and then it's outside with you both.”

“Did you hear that, Cleo? I heard the woman say feed. That means we're going to get something to eat. I told you it would work,” boasted Leo.

Cleo was impressed at the way Leo could manipulate the woman.

Rita fed the cats and then ushered them outside through the cat door.

Cleo saw her friend, Gunther and went to see him. “Coming with me?” She asked Leo.

“No, I think I'll head to the field and see if I can catch a mouse.”

They went in opposite directions. Leo sat in the field for a good half an hour before he saw a mouse coming his direction. Just as he grabbed hold of it, he saw the neighborhood bully, Brutus, coming his direction.

“Whatcha got there Leo? Looks like a nice meal.”

Leo had his mouth full so he just took off running with Brutus hot on his tail. He made it to the cat door just in time and quickly stepped inside. Rita saw the mouse in Leo's mouth and jumped up onto a chair. “Get back outside with that thing,” she screamed.

Leo, not knowing what Rita had said, dropped the mouse onto the floor. “I brought this for you,” he meowed. “It's a present.” The mouse ran under the refrigerator.

“Well that's just great, Leo. Now I have a mouse in the house. You need to go back outside.”

Leo didn't want to go back outside. He knew Brutus would be waiting for him. He protested, but Rita wouldn't take no for an answer and pushed him out anyhow.

Once outside he spotted Brutus. He had Gunther and Cleo backed into a corner and the fur was about ready to fly. Without thinking about his own safety, Leo ran toward Brutus and jumped him from behind. It was a surprise attack Brutus wasn't expecting. As soon as he turned his attention away from Gunther and Cleo, Gunther jumped him as well. Cleo high-tailed it home.

Rita heard the commotion and came running out of the house. She grabbed the garden hose and let all three cats have it full force. They all scattered in different directions. “What has gotten into you today, Leo? Questioned Rita.

Leo was drenched. He hid under a bush and tried to dry himself off. Just as he was about to get up, he spied something moving along the ground in front of him. It was a garden snake.

Leo thought quickly. “The woman seems to be mad at me for some unknown reason. I think I'll bring her a peace offering.” He quickly grabbed up the snake and headed for the house.

© Copyright 2019 by Scott A. Gese All Rights Reserved.

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