500 Word Short Story
For the Love of Art
Scott A. Gese

500 Word Short Story

At the age of twenty two, Julia Richards moved to Paris. She knew no one, spoke little French and had no money. What she did have was a dream and parents willing to support her financially until she got on her feet.

As a small child she had visited the city with her parents. It was a business trip for her father, a consultant for a fortune 500 company. They were there for a month. From that moment on, Julia knew she would live in Paris. She had researched her move for the past two years. During that time she had conversed with several American expats and through them, managed to find a small loft apartment which she rented just before she left.

Julia stepped off the plane with nothing more than a suitcase, some paint supplies and a freshly minted Art Degree. She handed the address to her taxi driver who took her to her new home in the Montreuil area. The second floor loft was just above a bakery. The smell of fresh baked bread and pastries in the morning was divine. The place was perfect.

She began to paint almost immediately. It was a full time love affair with her paint and canvas. She painted architecture, landscapes, still life. She was good with all subjects.

She picked up the language slowly but steadily. It was hard to communicate at first. There were some embarrassing and a few humorous moments along the way. She made friends with the couple who ran the bakery. It became her habit to spend time each morning sipping on espresso and eating a pastry as she tried to decipher the morning paper.

Her first year flew by. She had made several connections with local art galleries who were interest in seeing some of her work. When she felt she was ready, she let them take a look. They were highly impressed and offered her a showing of her own. Julia Richards was about to enter the world of art on a whole new level.

The showing went well and a few of her paintings sold at top of the market prices. It was an impressive first showing. A young man who had bought one of her paintings was impressed with more than Julia's art. He introduced himself and after some small talk asked her to dinner. Julia was intrigued and accepted the offer. His name was Jacques. The dinner went well and Julia was quite enamored with her new friend.

As the days and weeks went by, they began to spend more time together. Julia was beginning to spend less time painting and she realized this was becoming a problem. She was in Paris to paint, not fall in love. One evening as they strolled the Grands Boulevards, Julia let Jacques know that she needed more time with her paints and less with him.

Over time, they grew apart. Julia had made her choice. It was the right one for her, for now.

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