500 Word Short Story
Anna's Mom
Scott A. Gese

500 Word Short Story

Amongst her mother's possessions, she found the journals.

Anna set them aside as she went through the rest of the box. The contents said a lot about the woman. Estranged and aloof to the world around her.

Anna was an only child. She never knew her father. It was nothing more than a brief encounter after which the two went their separate ways. Her mother never married, lived life on her own terms and died just shy of her 60th birthday. She had no qualms about going. Said she knew what she was getting into and that it was nothing to fear. Most people who heard this figured she was just trying to make it easy on herself.

Anna had packed the box when she was taking care of her mothers belongings. It held the trappings of someone who seemed deeply spiritual. Not religious. She never believe in doctrine. But spiritual as in believing she was born to this earth to have the experience. Once her time here came to an end, she would be going back to where she came. Earth was nothing more than a schoolyard where one learned, practiced and helped others find a more peaceful way to exist.

It was the journals that intrigued Anna the most. They contained her mothers experiences with both lucid dreaming and out of body experiences. Anna didn't realize her mother had been involved in doing such things. She had journaled her experiences for years.

Anna was intrigued. She spend hours reading over the entries. Her mother's OBE's had led her on some fantastic and rather unbelievable journeys. She experienced different dimensions, otherworldly beings and even talked with long gone relatives. They were very well written and quite entertaining.

Her lucid dreams were used to help her become more aware and in touch with herself as well as to help her cope with a rather difficult life.

Anna didn't know what to make of the journal entries. Had her mother gone mad? Was she making it all up? If so, for what reason? The more Anna read, the more she questioned the content of the journals, but with her mother now gone, there would be no answers to her lingering questions.

The journals contents soon overwhelmed Anna. She had to set them aside for a few days as she tried to make sense of it all.

Anna spent a full year reading through all the entries. Even before she had finished, she began researching more deeply into the topics her mother was so deeply involved in. She discovered there were others out there like her mother. Some of them were even instructed by her. They insisted she was well versed in both OBE's and lucid dreaming.

Anna wanted to know more. She wanted to experience these strange and unbelievable things for herself. Most of all, Anna wished she had been closer to her mother. She wanted to talk with her about these things.

A few years later, Anna got her chance.

© Copyright 2018 by Scott A. Gese All Rights Reserved.

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