500 Word Short Story
A Bad Idea
Scott A. Gese

500 Word Short Story

As she stopped to catch her breath, she looked back.

She was concerned about her boyfriend, Bill. He was slower than her. They were running uphill and they were both tiring fast. She was relieved to see he was still behind her. Stopping may have been a big mistake. It was a bigger mistake to even be there in the first place.

It all started a few days ago. It was a Saturday night. Olivia and Bill were at a college party. There was plenty of beer and they were drinking even though they weren't of legal age. Something was said about a hidden pot farm in the hills not too far from where they were. The plants were budding and ready for harvest. Bill made an off the cuff comment about getting his hands on some of it before it was gone. Several others at the party jumped on it. They were willing to pay for some of it if he could get it.

They goaded him into it and he goaded Olivia into giving him a hand. Olivia knew it was a bad idea from the very beginning. Bill thought the same but figured he and Olivia could pull it off.

At times teenagers don't think about the consequences of their actions. At that young age they're invincible, or so they think. The two laid their plans with no more forethought than as if they were heading to the grocery store. There was very little planning put into how they would pull it off. They hadn't even checked out the grow plot.

On the afternoon of their attempted heist they quietly worked their way up to the edge of the trees overlooking a very large plot of plants. Being a weekday, they were hoping no one would be around. It looked like they were right. They cautiously approached the edge of the field unaware that they had set off a trip wire which alerted the growers that someone was there.

Bill removed his backpack and they both quickly started snipping buds. In less than ten minutes a truck roared up and three men jumped out. They were all armed. Bill and Olivia stayed low and headed for the trees. One of the men spotted them and let off a couple of shots in their direction as they gave chase. They may have been older and somewhat out of shape, but they were determined not to lose part of their crop to a couple of thieves. Bill and Olivia were determined not to get caught. They were running for their lives.

Bill was struggling to keep up with Olivia, but he was well ahead of the men chasing after them. They barely managed to escape.

The following day they were celebrating their success with a few of their friends. Olivia happened to look out the window just as a pickup truck pulled into the driveway. It was the same truck that had roared into the field the day before.

© Copyright 2018 by Scott A. Gese All Rights Reserved.

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