Western Short Stories
Tom Sheehan
Page Six

The Formal Transitions

Tom Sheehan

The twist and turn of the trail grabbed him as he looked back over his shoulder, the range of mountains looming over all the land more like a bank of clouds in early morning. Gabron Gabby Burridge, new hire and due for a new start in life after two years in a Colorado prison (for a crime only him and you and me know he didn’t commit} was ready for a new life. Read the full story HERE>>

The Goat Killer, a Sharpshooter's Story

Tom Sheehan

He never understood a word of it, or the intention, but finally understood that his being given a nickname meant something good or maybe something bad. Besides, for the latter, it might have been Mexican in origin and that couldn't hurt him in the least. But "Johnny Abattoir" had a ring to it, something special. Of that he was sure; there'd be no chance of mistaking anyone else for him. "Don't get too near that man, Sonny; that's Johnny Abattoir," or "matadero," in the old voice. Read the full story HERE>>

Jake Armitage and the Lady of the House

Tom Sheehan

Bang! The dropped mug sounded like a gunshot on the bar top.

When his top wrangler, Jake Armitage, gawked at the new lady of the house when she first came down the stairs of The Bull’s Horn Saloon in Leadville, Texas, rancher Tom Wagner knew he was going to lose the best hire he’d ever selected. The mug in Jake’s hand had slipped from his grasp and banged extra loudly on the counter in the suddenly quiet saloon where beauty took quickly the upper hand. And it was, there at the outset, a statement of surprise, abrupt consideration and, most likely, a potential property claim, one of those declarations that said, “No man gets in my way.”  Read the full story HERE>>

Micah Topaz, Born Sheriff

Tom Sheehan

Some men, whether you believe it or not, come bidden by fate to fill holes in the human condition. So it was with Micah Topaz, born in a wagon train heading to California. He never got much further on the family journey than the place of his birth, a small corner of Nevada with the mountains staring them in the face. When the dispute among the wagon train leaders erupted, and deep factions developed, Micah’s family decided to stay pretty close to where they were at the time. The place was called Mattsville. Read the full story HERE>>

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